Sunday, July 15, 2012

Seloka of The Late Nusantara

(this piece accompanied the coloninpurple sound installation piece Serumpun II, composed by Ainolnaim Azizol, premiered at Trinity Laban Nancarrow’s Festival, London, April 2012)

Fresh bunga-bunga was blooming in the garden yesterday
Who would’ve thought today they are tangled in heat
Rain doesn’t broaden the minds anymore
As acid is a bigger fear compare to the kilat
Foods fed are the second home to the lalat....

Semua benua dalam dilemma yang sama
To preserve jungles or concrete jungles
Babies are parched for crystal-like
Terlena aku dalam bahang dunia
The sound of cars is a lullaby
And erases sweet dreams of waterfalls that chill revenge towards technology

Aku mahu bangun pagi
Terus menari tanpa karbon dioksida
Mencekik diri
Dan berlari ke arah hakiki

I am sitting on a field of dried grass
With a cup of acid rain to drink
Merindui dunia yang lama 
Missing my late Nusantara...

Kimi Ismawi

March 21st, 2012 2:58pm

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