Saturday, August 20, 2011

So The World is Unfair, I was told.......

So I was told that the world is unfair
I used to disagree? Maybe. I did. Yes.

So I was pushed far from home to tackle the ego
I was arrogant, sometimes still arrogant
I came back home, restless

So I was pushed far to the mindless
My name was Nameless, t’was playing too safe in the society
Nameless down, 1-0

So I curse you, something like ‘go to hell’
Told you ‘I will slap your face and piss on you’
I never did
I am arrogant
And I am a COWARD
Acting strong
Hiding for so long

So the world is unfair, I was told
Do I look like I can hold on any longer?
Do I look like I am turning any stronger?
Not that you care, as the world is unfair

So my name was Nameless
Was born unlucky
Trying to survive
Trying to die
Trying to cry
Trying to lie
Of the journey I’ve been through

I can change my history
I can’t change my memory

So the world is unfair, I was told……

Kimi Ismawi
August 8th, 2011