Monday, April 18, 2011

Natural Gas in Everyday Life

A few nights ago.........

me: b. kentut.
paly: ape kentut?
me: dah.
paly: b pengotor!!!!!

I'm not going to pretend that I dunno how to let out gas in front of my guy, I won't pretend to be all coy and cute or somewhat cuddly (against hypocrites). As they say, honesty is the best policy. Look at us, we hardly ever had any problems, thanks to honesty.

Rock on. Hahahaha.....

Kimi Ismawi

p.s.: was on phone.... i won't kentut in front of him, but i won't lie that i kentut. haha xD

Friday, April 15, 2011

Selamat Malam

Malam datang menerpa
menghamparkan kesunyian yang selalunya memanjang
segenap alam yang hitam melakonkan watak cermin dihadapanku
refleksi didalamnya bagaikan boneka kaku atau mayat layu
mungkin itu aku

Malam semakin beraja
megah bernama pemimpin
kesunyian itu irama
notasi karya aku sendiri
aku adalah cermin itu
boneka kaku dan mayat layu mereput
itu aku

Sahabat karibku bernama Kecewa
kami berpimpinan tangan ke sana
6 kaki ke bawah
bersatu dengan tanah
tempat dimana kami boleh tidur dengan aman

Selamat malam semua......

April 14th, 2011

Kimi Ismawi

Sunday, April 3, 2011

I Love Starfucks

Facebook, Facebook, Facebook.......

Social network sites are now the eyes to the world...... Here's a story about 2 'facebookers' in my Facebook account.....

So my friends were in love. Let me name them 'Dude' and 'Chick'. The Chick was pretty (was, i dunno about now, she seems to be missing), not so bright (i am just being honest) and was aiming for THAT FAMOUS PRIVATE UNI FOR KONON-CREATIVE PEOPLE (most people aim for the quality of education). Somewhat trendy, and when I say trendy, she would be all goth if it was goth season.

Dude is always a metalhead. Black attire all-over, a passionate gig-goer and a musician. He's somewhat anti-people-with-money.

They have broken up. Chick found a new guy, not so metalhead and kinda.... rich? I guess. Dude was still in love with Chick. Dude was really pissed that he was dumped and the soap opera started. I was watching the whole drama from Miss Macintosh and laughed (roll over floor laughing... rofl..... hahahaha) like hell, I was afraid my stomach would explode.

Since dude was anti-rich (or maybe anti-anyone who could afford a cup of Starbucks every 2 months), his facebook wall was drowning in his shallow statuses.

"Fuck orang up! Pegi starbucks pake duit mak bapak!"

"Perempuan nowadays semua pisau cukur! Carik gerek kaya pasya mintak beli starbucks!"

Dramatic, isn't it? I was starting to hate them both for the drama. My news feed was polluted by their stupid, sexist status updates. I was somewhat 'sentap' from reading the Starbucks statuses because I do go to Starbucks.

But then......
Most parents go to work for the sake of their children's comfortable living, and money is for you to spend. So what is so wrong with chugging a Venti or at least a Grande cup of Starbucks' Chocolate Cream Chip every 2 or 3 months if it affordable for you or your parents? Not that I drink my Starbucks every day..... And I didn't kill any barista.....

No, I am nowhere near rich. My parents are government servants. But sometimes we do splurge, just sometimes. We drink Starbucks and eat at Mamak stall, so you see the pattern? We enjoy life while we can.