Tuesday, December 28, 2010


buat Muhd Fadly Ishak......

Aku disini mendengar dalam kejauhan
suara-suara memanggil
dan dalam kebisingan tersisip namamu
kadang-kala laksana gemuruh
satu sentakan dikala lena
dari jarak yang terlalu kejam

Sering kali aku bertempiaran mencari
asalnya suara-suara itu
mulanya mata meneroka setiap inci
indah alam
dalam suram
dalam kelam
semua hitam
cahaya tetap diharapkan hanya darimu
walau kecil
dari jarak yang terlalu kejam

Dalam sesak nafas jalanku hanya satu
mencari lebihan kelibatmu yang hanya separa menyapa
berteriakan menahan rindu
dan tetap bertahan
dalam pedih tetap bertahan
kerana sayang
dan selalu terucap cinta
dari jarak yang terlalu kejam

Aku tetap berlagak gembira walau pandanganku samar
dengan topeng yang menutupi watak ukiran perit dunia
yang tidak pernah mengenal usia
hasil rindu yang sentiasa menebal
berdiri disebalik kabus tanpa jenuh
tanda pengorbanan
dari jarak yang terlalu kejam

Air mata membajai waktu dan mulai melemaskan minda
doaku tenang dalam usaha melintasi curahan ujian
melintasi tembok yang bakal dirobohkan
kerana kasih yang terlalu abstrak
dan semangatku untukmu tidak pernah patah
walau kita dipendam jarak yang terlalu kejam


Kimi Ismawi

Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Learning Process

I have gained rare experiences within the short 2 months period studying in ASWARA. 1 of those many things that I have learnt was the art of entertaining people in the streets, to collect kaching or for the sake of learning new things...... or maybe just for fun. Yes, I am talking about buskers. In our (a friend and I) case though, it was the for the experience.

Busking is like a learning process for entertainers. Be it musicians, dancers, statue-wannabees (refer the glitter trios in Bukit Bintang), or any other form of art, every single street artiste, like it or not, won't go home empty-handed. In this text though, I am not talking about moolah, but my point here is the knowledge gathered after a night busking.

Buskers are often feed with comments which somehow build (or destroy the overly-sensitive one?) these artistes. Comments that let them know how good they are at what they are doing and vice versa. It is like 'Seminar Persembahan' the hardcore version.... with incomes.. or no income. (lmfao)

To sum things up here.....
to the artistes: Go out and busk. Then you may just know if you got it or plain suck..... haha. You can improve your talent from the comments you get. The experience is priceless. For those who have, I salute you.

to random people of the public: Sorry if you are annoyed everytime you see the buskers. The artistes are learning.... or working.

Thousands of 'thank you(s)' to Amirul for my first busk... Support you all the way!

Here is a video of my friend, Amirul, doing his thing at Bukit Bintang.

Merry Christmas.

Kimi Ismawi
December 25th, 2010

For Amirul's blog, please click the link below

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


In an asylum waiting for a demise
As I am being feed with the definition of 'despise'
As you spoil me with lies
And my soul rejects the breath that ties

Let's pretend my spirit was strong
So that you can always do me wrong
Now I beg you fuck my mind for a period so long
And struck my head with a hammer like tuned-bells of gong

I wonder what have you gained by bathing yourself in the tears I shed
Now and then wishing my broken smile was a threat
Your bitter words I no more dread
Will strike you back and declare you dead

I am now laughing silently with glee
Watching you waste your time cursing me by the eyes you gave to me
I am getting stronger because I learn from thee
Oh yes, my dear inhuman master, blessed be

December 7th, 2010

Kimi Ismawi

p.s.: whatever doesn't kill me, makes me stronger!!