Friday, November 12, 2010

Lelaki Pop's Heart Content


1 Question:
Anyone have heard of this name?
If you haven't, well it's time for you to kill yourself.

As for me, he's one of those very few who can establish their names in Malaysian writing scene, that is if he wants to.
Also well-known as a musician, Mohd Jayzuan is a hidden gem in our writing scene, waiting to be found and books to be spread all across the country like a virus. His bold writing style represents the new and latest generation of Malaysian writers.

For those who are about to embrace his masterpieces, please take note:
1. He writes about whatever crap he has in mind. Expect stuff you don't care about.
2. Ain't for romance seekers. If you are a fan of Stephenie Meyer or have been fantasizing about how you wish you were that chick in that romance novel, cuddling that hot hunk, then Mohd Jayzuan is not for you. But if you insist on reading new materials, then go on. Don't blame him if his books bore you. You've been warned.
3. For mature readers. He has no mercy when writing. Swear words detected. Not suitable for faint-hearted readers.
4. Reading his books might just waste your time. Time-wasting, but highly entertaining.

28 Hari: Jurnal Rock n Roll
A book with a title that pulls musicians like a magnet. No joke. I wouldn't even want to buy it if it was entitled '28 Hari: Jurnal Seorang Doktor'.
It's like reading a diary. A diary of an independent musician who travelled almost every part of Peninsular, hungry for experience, searching for the definition of one word we think we know well, life. Read up on how he managed a sum of hundreds of RM from the selling of his albums and busking (all hail street musicians!!).
A book that is raw and rare. I don't think it needed any editing because all that he poured out in this book was pure to the core. Things that he wrote are relatable to, maybe, some of his readers. A good read, decent.
I was all absorbed in the pages that it killed me when I realized I only had a few pages left. Mr. Author, travel longer next time so you can have more to write about. A thicker book next time, if you please? (goes to Jayzuan, if you are reading this. lmao)
See this book on the bookshelf of a store, grab it. Buy it. Steal it. Have a bite, it's crunchy.

Nota-Nota Gila
Shitty notes from Mohd Jayzuan!
This is officially my favourite book of the year.
300 copies, limited edition.
I think I was the last few ones who ordered. I'm glad I did because it's one hell of a freakin' rare diamond in paper form.
The book contains..... well, notes? Just notes on bits of his memories and true emotions. Emotions of a man who truely living his life to the fullest. A man who stands up for what he loves most, his friends, his family, talks about memories with his ex-girlfriend(s?), who are the inspirations for him when it comes to composing song and lyrics and as a trigger for him to write more for us to read.
I never knew reading notes can be this entertaining.
I found a few typos, but he can improve on that, I guess.
It is from this book that I realized he wasn't sugar-coating anything. Again, pure to the core? (lol)
Seriously hardcore.

We have very few writers who can write awesome materials in the country. You don't want to miss any of his works if you are a fan of local alternative books.

Now, if you are wondering, what would be the meaning of the term 'Rock n Roll Writer', if there was one?
I would say, 'Well, you can refer to Mohd Jayzuan'.

November 11th, 2010

Kimi Ismawi

Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Huge Test For His Humble Servant

November 4th, 2010.

I was reading old texts in my phone inbox. All was sent by a guy whom, 5 months ago, when I first met him in Aswara, never thought would be my boyfriend.

Every single text brings back old memories.

Obviously, he was not my 'love-at-first-sight'. Didn't care who he was because he doesn't look like my type. I was never attracted to him until our first conversation on September 1st, 2010 (Wednesday), 7:30pm, at McDonald's, Masjid Jamek.
I was with my friends from other faculties (specifically theatre and film students?) when he came (with his friends), crashed our group and sat beside me.
I was attracted to him, but did nothing because I had other hopes with someone else (read: ex-boyfriend. Other story, other time). Attracted, because he was different, talked too much (such a blabbermouth =p) that I can't really recall what shit we were talking about, but the very few things I remember are:
1. I lied to him. I told him that he and I actually talked during orientation week. He tried to remember everything that weeks after that conversation, he thought he had Alzheimer. "I kena upgrade RAM ni.." hahaha xD
2. My old intention of wanting to change to other faculty. It didn't happen. I've stopped my studies there instead. (alang-alang menyeluk pekasam, biar sampai ke pangkal lengan)

Those who have been to that very McD's would know the temperature there.
(exaggerrate. Don't blame me, I'm a poet. That's what I do. Indah khabar dari rupa).
It was freezing cold that I can now declare McD's Masjid Jamek is a frozen hell.... with Filet-o-Fish in it.
Dah lah sejuk, I had to borrow my friend's jacket (thank you!) to keep myself warm, but Mr. Blabbermouth bought everyone goddamn sundaes!

Rezeki jangan di tolak, I ate it anyway. Half of it. I gave back the other half to him on our way out of McD's.

bitchin' temperature + sundae = sickness. FEVER.

Midterm break.
I flew my way back to Kuching.
We were texting almost everyday, thanks to Facebook. Almost lahh... I was using Digi and him with Maxis so shit happened, yeah? Besides, I did not want to waste my credit on a senior who had no other relationship with me, besides that brother and sister bond lah.
Selamat Hari Raya.

September 14th. His birthday.
I called him at 12am.
I didn't know why I had that urge of calling at 12am.
He claimed that his first birthday wish was from me. I hoped it was true. Somehow this matters =)

Quitting and Last Days of Meeting.
I flew back to Kuala Lumpur on September 24th, Friday, this time with my parents (regarding quitting).
I had to meet my faculty dean on the next day (Sept 25th, Saturday) at 11:30am.
Mr. Blabbermouth from Film and Video Faculty came earlier than the dean. He met my parents (they love him!) and kept me company while my parents was talking to the dean.
At 1 point, he grabbed Aswara pamphlet and promoted Aswara to me. How charming was that? Hahaha xD

Parents left me with him. That was when he tried to brainwashed me about quitting and being a 'rock chick konon' I was, I did not give a damn, but his words showed that he cared, and it was sweet. He even plucked flowers from me and gave me his guitar pick (which I bite everyday. My latest habit, I guess?) =)

We were supposed to go out together, and my other friends too, of course, but I left him at Aswara because he left me first. He had to help his friends with shooting set stuff or whatever that was... Yeah.
Leaving people was like a culture on my last day in Aswara.

I came back to the hotel where I was staying after a day out with friends and I received a text from him informing he wanted to give me Wayang Kulit CD. He knew Wayang Kulit was always my favourite subject in Aswara, and he came to the hotel in the middle of the night just to give me the CD. Who else is willing to do that for me?

September 26th. Sunday.
I had to fly back to Kuching.
He came to the hotel, again, and gave me more CDs. I have never told him what I was feeling the moment of our last meeting, truth be told, I did not feel happy as I knew I had to bid him goodbye. It was hard.
It was hard, but I did not regret anything =')

Our relationship evolved into a bond that is stronger than before.
Things changed.
I love him.
He loves me.

October 9th. Saturday.
He tried to call for so many times that it made me nervous. Hell nervous. I was like "apahal nya tok? ngutik da..." (monologue)

October 10th. Sunday. 10.10.10 yo! =D
I answered his call, that was around midnight, and he asked me to be his. So the 'making me nervous' thing was like a gimmick. Hehehe.... We are officially together ever since =)

Here I am.
In love.

I am hoping for this relationship to last despite the distance. May I come back next year to study... something... which won't be music. Yeah. And be closer to him.
Long-distance relationship hardly ever work, I know, but that is a challenge for us.
This happens for a reason.
Maybe the Almighty is testing our love.
Our strengths.
Our faiths.
I am blessed with a boyfriend who loves me as much as I love him. I want it to stay that way forever.

He may be different from me.
He's into films while I am into writing. Seriously, I don't think he understands any of my poems. He told me he doesn't know how to appreciate poetry, never commented on any poem, but it's ok, I am not a big fan of films. Haha xD

I guess the main reason why I am so deeply into him is because he completes me.
He is another half of me that I have never met before.

A poem will never be complete without imagination.
Film/picture symbolizes imagination.
Imagination triggers words.
Chain the words, you will get poems.

Poems define me.
He completes me.

November 5th, 2010.

Kimi Ismawi