Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Malam Puisi di iLeQ-iLeQ Cafe, June 27th 2009

Malam Puisi was awesome. I was invited by Abg Najib, thank you =)

I arrived at 7:50pm (the event started at 9pm, such an early bird) with my anxious, nervous face. hehe... But Abg Najib was very welcoming, and the crews too. I ordered Coke but didn't order any food since I was so, you know, nervous. I can't eat when I'm nervous. I came with my family, but my guitarist was unavailable so I told Abg Najib that I was going to do poem reciting only, no lagu puisi. Abg Najib was like "If you need a guitarist, well someone can help. This guy very terer goreng guitar". I wasn't so sure at first, but I said "ok" anyway so Abg Najib called up this guy named Adruce. He's right after all, so 'terer'.. hehe...

The first performance was from Zahir and Amer. They were awesome. I remember losing to Zahir in Pertandingan Lagu Puisi, he took the 2nd place, I was in the 9th place.. 9 out of 22 is ok for a new comer like me.hehe... and then it was my turn to go up on stage, with Adruce. I was a lil shaky at first, but managed to survive until the end of the night =P
I did my poem reciting, and my lagu puisi. I received good comments but I was never happy with my performance. I have to do better next time =)

The last performance was from Zack Manan, Anwar, Yusuf Fansuri, and Hamizan Daud. These are the old timers. They made me feel like a loser, and I'm sure Zahir and Amer felt the same =P

Overall, I had fun at the event.

Thanks to those who came to show their supports. You know who you are =)

And thanks to Abg Najib, Adruce, and iLeQ-iLeQ Cafe =)